SADD/Post Prom


To provide a substance-free, after the prom event for all students and their guests. To get parents to pledge not to have prom parties with alcohol available. ATOD prevention material (brochures, flyers) will be provided to students, parents, and participants at the event and Alliance& SADD volunteers and the coordinator will speak with students one on one about various drugs (steroids, ecstasy, marijuana) and individual prevention methods and activities. The coordinator & or an Alliance member attend the Post Prom Parents meetings thru out the year leading up to the prom to advise/assist in planning to ensure that the event is truly ATOD Free& a Representative from the parent’s group attend Alliance meetings ( Sponsors, ads, games, themes, etc.) Each participant is given an item ( key chain, etc.) with an ATOD prevention message (“The Choice For Me Is Drug-Free”)

Community Day/National Night Out/Placemats:

Disseminate prevention and educational materials to the community.

Sticker Shock:

The main purpose of Sticker Shock is to reach adults who might purchase alcohol illegally and provide it to minors. Stickers warning about the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors are placed on cases of alcohol beverages, as well as pizza boxes. Those positively impacted include not only adults who may purchase alcohol for underage persons, but the minors themselves when they volunteer to help. Sticker Shock increases public awareness about underage drinking and strengthens the deterrent effect of the law against providing alcohol to minors. Sticker Shock will take place throughout the year primarily at times when the use of alcohol typically increases. This includes holiday celebrations, Super Bowl and Prom/Graduation season. We will target a minimum of 4 liquor stores and 4 pizza shops. We anticipate reaching a minimum of 500 families

Katzenbach School for the Deaf Substance Abuse Prevention Program.

This substance abuse prevention program is for middle and high school students at Katzenbach School for the Deaf; enabling young people to recognize and challenge the misconceptions about alcohol use and misuse. Participants learn about the health and legal risks associated with using alcohol underage. Students in this program will learn information and have the opportunity to practice their alcohol use resistance and peer pressure resistance skills. Students identify their many daily decisions and examine how their decision-making may be influenced by others. They develop the skill to carefully consider the consequences of each alternative before making decisions. They also examine self-esteem issues and develop other cognitive skills

This program will take place for 35 weeks, the entire school year. All Katzenbach students will attend the program; K through12, substance abuse prevention sessions will take place each week.

Camp Fire NJ Programs

 Safe and Sure

Safe & Sure is presented to children in Preschool through 1st. grade. Through the Safe & Sure program, the children will promise to make safe decisions in all kinds of difficult situations. The object of the program is to help young children gain self-confidence and assertiveness skills. Students also gain knowledge about safe adults, appropriate touch, and medicine safety.

Count on me Kids

Count on Me Kids is presented to children in 1st. through 2nd. grade. This program is designed to help students increase their self-esteem and effectively overcome negative peer pressure. Students are exposed to knowledge about healthy habits and harmful behaviors.

Peer Proof

Peer Proof is presented to students in 5th. grade through 6th. grade. Youth will learn to discover their individualized “spark”, recognize tough situations they may face and rise above challenges. Children will learn to face situations with a growth mindset.

Strive to Thrive

Strive to Thrive is presented to students in 7th. through 8th. grade. Strive to Thrive presents youth with the life skills needed to enable them to successfully interact with others and overcome obstacles they may face that could potentially cause them to not reach their goals.

Citizens Police Academy

This program offers township adults, youth, and college students a look into the life of the police officer and some of the realities of alcohol and drug abuse. The students experience a DWI arrest and jail. They also receive anti-drug and alcohol abuse information from people who have experienced the devastation of abuse (people that have been involved with the police) and see first hand, the police process for convicted offenders. This program will take place during the summer (June-August) and fall (September-December). The Alliance will collaborate with Ewing Twp. Police and The College of New Jersey.